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Home Refinance Comparator



This calculator will help you to determine the short and long-tem benefits (or otherwise) of refinancing a home loan. Simply enter the details of your existing loan and a proposed loan alternative ... and let the calculator do the rest!

Details of Your Existing Loan:
Original Loan Amount: $  
Original Term of Loan (in years):  
Current Loan Balance: $  
Current Interest Rate: (per annum)
Your Proposed New Loan:
Your new loan amount:  
Your new mortgage term: (in years)
Your new interest rate: (per annum)
Your estimated refinancing costs: (per cent)
How long would you expect to stay in your home after refinancing?    
(in years)
Comparison Scenarios:
Note: Scenario 1 (below) assumes that repayments are adjusted as required to service the new loan. Scenario 2 assumes that repayments are kept the same.
a. Payment Savings Analysis Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Existing Loan Payment:*
New Loan Payment:*
Monthly Saving/Cost:
*Monthly payment amounts above include principal and interest only. Monthly taxes and insurance are not included.
Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Principal reduction of existing loan if you DO NOT refinance:    
Principal reduction of existing loan if you DO refinance:  
Gain/Loss from difference in the principal reduction:  
c. Estimated Cost to Refinance: Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Your estimated refinancing costs:
Total Cost to refinance:
Total Savings/Loss With This Scenario: Scenario 1 Scenario 2

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