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Get a free car loan eligibility assessment & access multiple loan options with no credit check!
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Car Loans Australia

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Motor Vehicle Finance

Our online car loan finance comparison service is completely free and aims to help you ...
  • get the best value car finance in Australia,
  • know your car finance borrowing eligibility (without accessing your credit file),
  • meet the qualification criteria for an Australian car loan,
  • compare car loan options from multiple lenders,
  • connect you with an external, specialist car loan finance provider who help you finalise your loan.

Free Finance Assessment

Complete a short online car finance eligibility assessment and your enquiry will be transferred to an external Australian car finance specialist who will discuss your best car finance rates & options accessed via a large selection of Australia's leading and best rated car finance companies.

No Credit Check

Our car finance enquiry form does not initiate a check on your credit file. Multiple checks on your credit file can result in reduced options when looking for finance.

Bad credit need not be a problem

We can access car finance and loan providers who may be able to help with your application regardless of your credit history ...

  • turned down by other lenders

  • credit file defaults

  • discharged bankrupt

  • limited employment history

Even if you don't meet lender qualification criteria immediately, your finance consultant can help you by:-

  • outlining car loan alternatives that may be available,
  • demonstrating additional steps needed in order to fdinance the amount you want now,
  • explaining what you will need to do in order to qualify for a car loan sometime down the track,
  • staying in touch with ongoing information and help until you are ready to apply for a loan.

Need a Car Loan? Start Here ...

Get a free car loan eligibility assessment & access multiple loan options with no credit check!
Loan Amount:$ State: Postcode:

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